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Imagine achieving your Perfect Weight
and keeping it for life!
Be Slim without Dieting will enable you to eat and enjoy your favourite foods and lose weight.

On DVD for just £14.99 + £2.75P&P, US$31.50
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Unlike the more extreme and controversial Atkins Diet, The Perfect Weight Plan doesn't require a severe induction period.

The Perfect Weight Plan is not a
bout starving yourself by rigid dieting to drop a few pounds for a short time. That process forces your body to consume your own fat and protein tissues by starving you of vital nutrients.

In contrast to that process, The Perfect Weight Plan empowers you to create your own preferred eating plan based on your favourite foods. This way you develop your normal eating habits and lose weight under your own control. You will enjoy your own eating plan and keep your Perfect Weight for life. You can achieve it without feeling hungry between meals and you can enjoy and take pride in the end result.

There is a vast amount of science behind the process and the most important details can be found in this website - please spend some time browsing the site.

VHS video

For just £12.99 + P&P
For just £14.99 + P&P


Important Legal Notice.

Although everyone already benefiting from the ideas collated in the Initiative speaks of substantial improvement in their state of health and well being and the medical profession maintains that adverse conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension and heart disease are closely associated with being overweight or obese, the Perfect Weight Initiative is not qualified nor intends to provide medical advice of any kind. Such advice should only be accepted from your own doctor or other health officials.
The Initiative is solely concerned with long term weight control. Everything contained in this website constitutes our comments on the issues relating to weight control. If you are concerned about your health, please consult your own doctor.

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